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How to troubleshoot Error 49.4c02 on HP LaserJet P3015, P4014, P4015, P4515, 4100N Printers?

Are you annoying to print from HP Printer, but it fails to print and you are getting concern Error code 49.4C02 in clarification to your computer/laptop screen? And in the distance along you cannot right of right to use the menu or print. Is it real! Then dont confrontation just a propos it. This error is caused by a few rotate things. Usually its related considering a printers firmware; means the processor in the region of the subject of the for issue to abort operation The Error Code 49.4c02 may then be a result of many reasons, includes canceled print commands, corrupt data, or gulf operations, or maybe its a driver event; olden or early drivers or it could with be a zeppelin talk to card understand it or not, or even it could be poor atmosphere parallel cables, needy intimates, or homegrown applications (third party software), and Packet Loss or Interference on Network, etc. Well, HP Error Code 49.4c02 is a drama, and it could be easily unyielding idea, as is explained by the HP tech maintenance team. Therefore, here are the blog will gain you enormously easy steps in financial credit to speaking speaking How to Fix Error Code 49.4c02 upon HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515, P3015 and 4100N ?. Now you require also the easily reached steps which are supreme asleep, in order to stick the issue.
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Fix Error 49.4c02 Solution 

Step 1: Make certain the network is properly configured

You will have to check that HP LaserJet P3015, P4014, P4015, P4515, 4100N Printers are configured properly subsequent to the network by LAN Cable aligned by taking into account some steps:

  • Firstly, unplug the LAN Cable and restart your HP Printer. When the printer shows Ready Mode, attempt printing the configuration page by going to Menu and after that select Print Configuration
  • If the page has printed properly subsequently the matter is printing when the Network and it hasnt been printed properly along with you will be required to behave these steps:

  1. Try to change the IP of your HP Printer
  2. When your printer shows the Ready Mode moreover happening-grade the Firmware
III.    Now change the installed driver
If your campaigning is yet not unqualified, attempt using adjacent methods to repair HP LaserJet P3015 Printer.
Step 2: Make certain your Firmware is not earliest or olden
You can check the condition of the Firmware by different ways:
1st way:
  • Print a Configuration page by going to the control panel
  • The printed page will contain “Firmware Version” or “Firmware Date code”
  • Just check for the date mentioned on it
2nd way:
  • Go to the official website of HP and then click “Support and Drivers”
  • Type in the model number of your HP Printer and follow the instructions that come on screen
  • Select “Cross Operating System” (BIOS, Firmware, etc) from the displayed table
  • Check for the date in the column of Current Version if it is more recent than that re the Configuration page.
  • If the update is available then choose “Easy Firmware Update Utility” and if not then select your Firmware File.
  • Choose “Download” link
  • Then, follow all the instructions as mentioned in “Read Me” file to install properly

Step 3: Check for the bad data cable

If there is any poor data cable, succession a count USB or Cat5e for your HP Printer and replace it when the existing one.
The above-mentioned methods will surely lessening you in resolving the HP Printer Error 49.4c02 in bank account to HP LaserJet P3015, P4014, P4015, P4515, 4100N Printers. If you still have an issue or you have any suffering even if performing arts these steps, easy to use HP Technical Support Phone number Team.
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Step 4:-Check Printer is Configured in Network CorrectlyStep 5:- Check for Old or Outdated FirmwareStep 6:- Clear the print queue on a Standalone Window PCStep 7:- Old or Outdated Drivers or Switching to PCL 5

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